Succeed with your investors

We bring together the world's leading experts from the investor community to help public companies understand, engage and succeed with their investors in complex and contested shareholder matters by developing insightful strategies, effective tactics and high impact messaging.


Contested & Complex Situations

Activism Defense
Hostile M&A
Complex "Friendly" M&A
Defense Preparedness

Proactive Advisory Services

Shareholder Engagement
Corporate Governance Advisory
Investor-based ESG Analysis
Complex IR Strategy

Shareholder Vote Campaigns

Director "Vote No"
Governance Proposals
Environmental & Social Proposals



The power of the combination of PJT and CamberView is in our people. We bring together the most sophisticated strategic and financial advisors with the most successful former investors to deliver best-in-class advice to CEOs and boards on staying ahead of issues with investors and succeeding in complex and contested shareholder matters.

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